Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update on Job Search

I had created for a myself quite a process to find a job. I'm only looking for a job as a lifeguard/swim instructor or a camp counsellor. Lifeguards and swim instructors get paid more, but camp counsellors get more hours. If I can't find a job, I am to take summer school.

So far, I have applied at a few different places, but I haven't heard back yet. Here was my process-

1. Facebook message the director at the camp at which I volunteered last summer.
2. Email my instructor who works at a pool in my city.
3. Print out resumes to prepare to drop off at pools in my city.
4. Print out resumes to drop off where possible.
5. Email a private pool company my resume.
6. Wait and see!

Currently I am at step 6. I actually got an email back from the private company requesting an interview, but I want to find out more about it before going in. They run pools in my city, but are all privately owned, by them. I have never heard of any of their pools before though, and I do not know where any are.

Regarding step 1, she told me that she would keep me updated, as she is not sure where she is working this summer yet. Regarding step 2, her pool has finished their summer hiring, therefore I have no chance at getting a job with them. I am now waiting on 2 pools with the City, this private company, and possible summer camps.