Tuesday, May 07, 2013

nearby sights.

On Sunday, our third (and last) day of orientation, we got to visit a few nearby sites. First we went to Pevensey Castle. As cool as it was, there was only so much to see. There was a lot of history but I don't really remember any of it (haha, oops) except that it got sieged multiple times and is now in ruins. Yep. Not a history kid.

Pevensey Castle (and my amazing photography skills.. not)

Then we went to Eastbourne which was quite cute. Beautiful, really. My roommate, Sarah, and I walked down the boardwalk and checked out the various international stalls (so cute) that were set up there. It was a little market type thing where vendors were selling international foods, clothing, and other various trinkets. I know I am travelling on a budget so I didn't indulge, but I kind of wish I did. But I'm okay with that cause we stopped in the cuuutest little cafe called Neate's and had lattes and scones. Well, actually Sarah got scones and I just nibbled some of it (thanks Sarah!). They were delicious!!!

Lattes and scones at Neate's!

Beautiful boardwalk and coast view from Eastbourne pier

On our way to Brighton we drove by Beachy Head which is a cliff that goes straight down. It is something like the 3rd most popular suicide location in the UK? I didn't write down the number, but it was hiigh. Three jumpers a week..!! But the cliff itself looked pretty cool. Also, the quidditch games in Harry Potter were supposedly filmed nearby. Not really sure where, but that's what we were told, haha! We also drove through Cuckmere where there was a really cool looking kayaking park. Seriously, so cool!

You can kayak in Cuckmere Haven! Looks the best!

When we got to Brighton, my group split up a big and we did very practical tasks such as buy sim cards (I have a UK number and can text now!) and others bought shampoo and whatnot. It was a cute city too, but I feel like we didn't have enough time to really shop (long lines, trying on clothes, etc) so we just wandered a little. My pictures of Brighton are super random and not really reflective of the city.. oh well.

Shirts in the clock tower, not sure why? And a photo taken walking down the street (raaandom!)

When we got back, our program officially started with two guest speakers and a welcoming ceremony where we got to mingle with staff and students in the other programs as well. But more on that later! I am excited to do more travelling.. we are already going on our first field study to Oxford this coming weekend! More on that after we go, haha.