Tuesday, May 28, 2013

brussels, the sights.

A few weekends ago, I went to Brussels (Belgium) with Sarah and Shawn. It was partially a last minute decision, and partially something we had been discussing for a while. But we did book our trip only 4 days before we left! Nevertheless, it was a good time.

We took the Eurostar that took us through the channel tunnel, or the chunnel, and I would highly recommend taking it if you are in Europe! I took it once before with my family a few years ago to get from London to Paris. The train is way more comfortable than the plane!

We stayed at Résidence Les Écrins, which is a hostel, but I have to say it is the highest class hostel I have ever seen. It is essentially an apartment style hotel. We got pastries and bread delivered to our door as breakfast every morning, and we had a giiant comfy bed. I would totally stay there again, and would totally recommend it for future travels. It's only about a 10 minute walk from the central area, and I would say I felt pretty safe. I don't usually mention hotels/hostels that I stay at.. but this place is totally worth mentioning!!

Sarah modelling the kitchen area of our hostel.

Typical of all old European places, the architecture takes my breath away. I think my favourite thing about Europe is just getting the chance to walk and look around. We spent Saturday in the city and just walked, a lot.

Cathédrale Saint Michel

Palais royal and Manneken Pis

On Sunday, we ventured out a little further from the city centre to see the Atomium and visit Mini Europe while we were there. It was a beautiful sunny day, and nice to see some famous landmarks in miniature form! It would be a fun place to bring kids too!

Sarah and I at Mini Europe, with the Atomium in the background

But Grand Place was by far my favourite place to be. It is an absolutely beautiful square right in the middle of the city, with beautiful buildings on all four sides. It is so beautiful, especially when all lit up at night.

A 360 degree view of Grand Place at night

More about food in a separate post, as always. But let me just tell you right now, the food was absolutely the best! I like travelling with food goals in mind, and will definitely make it a habit to do so in the future.

Sorry my posts come with such a delay.. I kind of forgot I would be in school, silly me. Everything has been very interesting and exciting, but with that comes lots of work too. On the bright side, we are going to Geneva for the next 4 days!! One of the biggest highlights is that we will visit the World Health Organization.. I can't wait!!