Saturday, December 01, 2012


December 1st! Huzzah, we made it! Though traditionally, advent starts on Sunday, I will be starting my Christmas blog ADVENTure today! It'll just be easier to keep track that way..

Today I will share with you my plan for this coming season, and explain what I am doing and why I am doing this!

advent |ˈadˌvent| noun. the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.
In Christian theology, this means the coming or second coming of Jesus Christ. So I personally want to take this time to be thankful for Jesus' birth, and anticipate his return. This year, with my Christmas blog adventure, I want to share more of what I am learning in my own time in my daily devotions. So, in addition to doing fun awesome Christmassy activities, I will be sharing the meaning and the joy that I find behind this holiday. I will share with you every monday and thursday (idea from naptime diaries). If you want to follow along, I will actually be starting the Advent reading plan provided by #SheReadsTruth.

Saturday 1: What is the significance of Christmas to you?
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. I think a better question would be to ask, what is Jesus' significance? Well, I proudly proclaim that Jesus Christ is my saviour because He came holy perfect and sinless, to die for my sins. He took on the wrath of God that I deserve, and died a perfect death on the cross. So his birth is significant because it marks that God has provided his people hope for a future and an eternity with Him.
Saturday 1: What is the significance of Christmas to you?
Sunday 2: Make a handmade Christmas card
Monday 3: Share from devotions
Tuesday 4: Take a picture of your city dressed up for Christmas
Wednesday 5: Go to the library
Thursday 6: Share from devotions
Friday 7: Treat self to a Starbucks holiday drink
Saturday 8: Write a letter to Santa!
Sunday 9: Share a cup of peppermint hot chocolate with a friend
Monday 10: Share from devotions
Tuesday 11: Share your favourite Christmas movie
Wednesday 12: Favourite Christmas song, why?
Thursday 13: Share from devotions
Friday 14: Do sit-ups for the length of a Christmas song
Saturday 15: Bake Christmas cookies
Sunday 16: Go to the gym, relax and de-stress
Monday 17: Share from devotions
Tuesday 18: Favourite childhood Christmas memory
Wednesday 19: Spend time at the campus coffeeshop
Thursday 20: Share from devotions
Friday 21: Movie night
Saturday 22: Cook a meal for the family
Sunday 23: Celebrate Christmas with close friends
Monday 24: Family festivities
Tuesday 25: Christmas Day
Stay tuned! I will have a post a day, updating you on what I am doing this advent season. I can't wait to share this time with all of you!! :)