Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Tuesday 4: Take a picture of your city house dressed up for Christmas
Here, I will share with you pictures of my house all jazzed up for Christmas. Lights, lights, lights!! I also have a story to share with you. My morning was quite the adventure..

sincerely, the sparkly jellies on the window

Please indulge me in this one thing.. I wanted to take an artsy pic! Good?

Is this better? Oooh, blurry lights.

What if I give you a better focal point?

Okay, last one. I like lights.

Here's a more realistic look at how the lights are draped in our kitchen.
Go ahead, oohs and aahs are welcome!

Okay, but seriously. This morning I went to do my last grocery run of 2012 (or so I hope). I will only be in Kingston for about 2 more weeks, so I don't forsee needing any more groceries.. but I digress! On my way home from Loblaws, I noticed that I didn't have my phone on me. Hmm, on one hand, that is certainly odd. But on the other hand, I tend to misplace things very often. Freakout level: 3/10

When I got home, I scoured tables, bags, pockets, countertops and all possible places that I would leave my phone! It was nowhere to be found! So I asked Jocelyn to call it, thinking we'd hear it ring.. Freakout level: 5.5/10.

Luckily, some kind soul had picked it up for me! Apparently I left it on the bus this morning... well, that's embarrassing. I promptly ran a few blocks over (thank goodness for university neighbourhoods and everyone living within a close perimeter) and picked up my phone. Close call! Literally.

It was the shortest freakout I have ever really had. But I think it was pretty reflective of my stress-less few weeks past. I am oddly not stressed out, and way too joyful to be in the midst of exam period. The more I think about it, the more thankful I am.

In the past while I have been reading my bible with an eager heart, and learning more about God's promises to us. He is at once, a scary and powerful God, but also a loving and comforting God. I have often heard that the more time you spend with God, the more you'll appreciate Him and the more you'll want to know Him. I wish I had a verse to back that up, but I don't actually know verses too well. It's something I am working on.. but I think moments like these are such a reflection of this. I don't worry about the little things in life, because I have a mighty God who will provide for me. My generation has a tendency to hold onto cell phones as a lifeline, but I have a better lifeline: God.
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Tuesday 4: Take a picture of your city dressed up for Christmas

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