Monday, December 03, 2012

chili lime pork loin.

Usually, when I make something for the first time I am a) super nervous and b) super excited!! I was definitely both when I made pork loin for the first time. I have never in my life made a giant chunk of meat. The largest piece of meat I have cooked has been a single chicken breast. True story.

This week at Metro, pork loin was 1/2 price at $2.99/lb so I decided that I should go ahead and try it out! So tonight for dinner I made chili lime pork loin from this budget bytes recipe! It is super simple but I did not plan ahead enough, so I ended up eating my dinner at 9:30. Haha. I made a loot of meat, I hope it will last me for a long while!

Doesn't it look delicious??

Since I did not modify the recipe in any way, I will just share my pictures, and if you want to recreate it, just visit the original recipe link! :)

The marinade, pre-mixing.
I actually added 4 tbsp of oil, instead of 2 because I clearly fail at reading :( It diluted the lime taste a bit, but was still tasty in the end.

The meat after searing it on a frying pan.
I actually burned myself from splattering oil while searing this. Ouch!! Be careful!

Lookie here, we be roasting the pork loin on my makeshift roasting pan!

Mmmm, all done. Delicious looking meat. Noms.

I have to say, there are a few things I don't understand. Like why I made all of it at once, instead of freezing half the meat. Does anyone know why I did that? It doesn't make sense to cook this much meat all at once when you're only cooking for one. Oh, who knows.

This whole process takes some time, but most of the time you are just waiting. Lesson learned: plan ahead.