Friday, October 19, 2012

friday faves {twenty}

walk in the rain, without getting wet.

this is so amusing, hehehe.

Last week, being the bright kid I am, I planned my friday faves ahead of time. This week has been absolute craziness for me. I wrote a midterm on Wednesday, two yesterday and one this morning. Craziness, I tell you! But it's that time of year.. I have one more on Tuesday, likely my hardest one. Wish me luck! My studying didn't stop me from browsing blogs this week though, of course not! So I do still have a few other links to share:

Making apple pie baked oatmeal is on my to-do list. Has anyone noticed how expensive apples have gotten? $1.99/lb is more than I remember..

Another cake frosting technique for the books.

I almost participated in this calendar swap last year, but decided against it. I'm considering it this year and have been pinning calendar ideas on Pinterest.. The creative in me wants a project to work on, but I am so busy with school, volunteering and small-group leading. I'm not sure if I will get to it. But that's also the laziness in me speaking. We'll see! You should check it out if you are interested though :)