Thursday, August 23, 2012

home shopping with jocelyn.

Yesterday Jocelyn and I made a quick trip to IKEA to look for some home things for our house in Kingston. If only we could have spent more time there.. there are so many inspiration items!!

A few items we decided we need to get include:
-a cocktail mixer to go with our bar (ya, there's a bar unit in our house..!)
-wine glasses

All of which are aboslutely necessary for our candelit straw-drinking wine parties.. haha! But seriously.. I want all of the above. We only bought the tealights though (they are also practical in that if the power ever goes out.... just saying)

In all seriousness we did buy boring necessary things too like (pretty!) dishes, a shower curtain and shelves.

In other ikea news.. their pinterest board is GENIUS!

I haven't actually seen the physical copy of the catalogue yet (which is silly cause I went to the store yesterday and didn't try to find it), but it was fun to browse through it on pinterest. I think this is a mega cool way to advertise their contest! Just some more reasons to love IKEA :)