Saturday, August 25, 2012


I got a haircut!!!

..but I am not nearly as excited about it as those exclamation marks seem to convey.

My plan was to grow my hair out to donate 8 inches, and still have longer than shoulder length hair. Last time I donated my hair (in grade 11), I had shorter than shoulder length hair and didn't really like it. Three years later, I was almost there!! Maybe another 2-3 inches and I would have happily donated my hair. So I figured I would get a little trim, and then wait until the spring when my school does hair donations to donate!! Perfect, right?

So off to the hair dresser I go. There's a new lady there and they charge less when she cuts your hair (less experience, I guess). Okay, why not? My haircut is hard to mess up. Just going in to clean up my hair! So I tell her to cut off about 2 inches, and to start the layers at about my chin length. Two inches is nothing, I always say it expecting to lose about 3 or more inches anyway. Margin of error.. I've already prepared myself to lose more hair!

This is a photo from June, so just imagine my hair was the teensiest bit longer
(really, not longer by all that much)

Snip snip snip, off she goes. She shows me a chunk of what she has cut off, "Is this okay?" It's about 4 inches. Wowee, but yeah that is fine. She keeps going and brushes some of my hair to in front of my shoulder to measure against the other side. Wait, is that all I have? It barely touches my collarbone! There must be more behind my back. I hang tight, and by the end when she shows me the back.. I HAVE NO HAIR.

Okay, not seriously. But it is barely longer than shoulder length. I just went from long hair to almost a bob. I lost nearly 6 inches of hair!! I guess that's what you get for a $20 haircut.

Same style, hair pushed to the side. Look how short it got!

What do you do when you end up with a haircut that you didn't expect? Do you try to fix it yourself? Go to another place to get it cut again? Lock yourself in your room and cry?

I am tempted by the latter, but I will have to survive for another 3 years until I can donate my hair, I guess. Life goes on. I feel like there is something to be learned in every situation, but it seems like a bit of a stretch to say that God did this for a reason. To teach me to be less inclined to donate my hair? Probably not. To be less attached to my hair (har har, it's stuck to my head!) and put my efforts into caring about more important things? More likely.

EDIT: I wrote the post before I took the after picture.. I think I've got it all figured out now. Straightened, and pinned. Not bad! Also, it makes me laugh cause I tried to make the after picture similar to the before picture, forgetting that my webcam will mirror image things so my hair looks like it is pushed to the other side.. Hah!