Monday, May 07, 2012

first day of work, and welcome summer!

Oh wow. This time of year marks when I started blogging again last year. It may not be the exact date, but it's weird to think that I've been at this for a year! Though, admittedly, it has been very on and off depending on my schedule, and mostly depending on how busy I was with school.

But in any case, my summer is starting again. I'm returning to the same place to work as where I was last year, with Health Canada. In a different office space, with slightly different people, but for the most part it is the same. I will be doing similar jobs, working with similar people, and all that. One big difference is that things have gotten a little messy due to the confusion and shuffle caused by the cuts in government jobs. It just means that students across the government will likely take on larger and more interactive roles, rather than simple observatory roles. I like this prospective, as it kind of felt like I spent all of last year learning the ropes. Real world, here I come! Kind of.

I spent all morning getting my computer accounts set up. It was a long and slow process, which involved a lot of phone tag, b ut compared to what must have been a week last year, only one morning this year is considerable progress. I also still only have a temporary work pass, and can't wait to get my real swipey pass again! It makes me feel important, and like a real worker. Also I don't like bothering the security guard to let me in and out.. haha. But he remembers me from last summer, and wished me a very friendly welcome back. D'awwww. What a cute old french man, tehehe.

I have many tentative summer plans, and I can't wait to take the time to sit down and figure out what I do want to do with my time this summer. I so badly want to include some sort of exercise in my plan, but nothing particularly tempts me. I usually like to swim, but I don't like going to the pools in Ottawa because I know people who still work there, and sometimes I just want to swim and not socialize. Irrational reasoning, I know, but I like swimming for its solitude. But I do plan to bike to work more this summer! Especially because I'm not getting a bus pass this year. The prices went way up, it's sort of ridiculous. That's all I've got for exercise, for now. If anyone has any ideas, or wants to join me, or include me in their plans, let me know!

I am also considering taking an online class with Athabasca. I really need to look into that if I want to get started soon. From what I read before, you seem to work on your own timeline so it doesn't seem that crucial to start right away? I hope so anyway, because I haven't checked lately and need to get on that. I'm also thinking of volunteering at Bluesfest, if it works with schedules and all that. And so many more small plans to figure out!!

I will write about my trip to Vancouver last week, soon. I still want to get picture from Tiff first..

Yipee! Summer! I'm glad the weather agrees. It is beautiful today. Enjoy the sunshine!