Monday, December 12, 2011

14 days until christmas!

WAIT WHAT? Only 2 weeks??? I'm so excited!!!!!! I also noticed that I always post after midnight, so technically I'm off by a day. Oops.

Today at church, I learned about Jesus' birth story and how it is really over-fancified in the Hallmark version.

I wouldn't do it justice to explain it, but in a nutshell, Jesus was born in humility, with absolutely nothing. Born into absolute poverty. Take that, Hallmark.

Speaking of Hallmark. I did a little shuffle of events, and I wrote a few Christmas cards today instead. I'm baking with a friend after my exam on Tuesday instead!

My cards look like this:

Oooohhh aaaaahhhhhh. They're from Indigo. I love Chapters/Coles/Indigo! Especially the paper shop. Notebooks, and cards. My absolute faves.

Card writing takes so much brain power, because it's not worth writing a card unless you mean each and every word. Sooo I only wrote a few. More to go later! :)