Tuesday, December 13, 2011

13 days until christmas!

I did not finish my story, and I still have to study for my exam tomorrow, so here is a teaser, I will finish it soon, I promise. ;)

“Elphelyn! Elphie! Hey! Where are you going?” a voice called. As the tall, slender girl slowed to a stop, a petite elf bumped into her. “Oh, sorry Roanie, I didn’t see you!” Elphie apologized profusely as she helped Roanie back up. “Oh, it’s okay. I was just wondering where you were going? Come join the party! Could you help me find Shae and Ailin? I was supposed to meet up with them and I just can’t see them anywhere!” Roanie stretched up on her toes, straining to see over the crowds, despite only reaching Elphie’s elbows. “They’re right by the fountain. Look, I’ve got to go, but I’ll see you guys later, okay?” Elphie explained apologetically. Roanie gave her a disappointed look before shrugging and running off toward the fountain.

Truth be told, Elphie didn’t enjoy big gatherings. She always felt awkward and out of place, since she was at least a head taller than anyone else in her village. By 6 years old, she was already taller than her mother. Despite the welcoming nature of the other elves, Elphie knew she was different and always struggled with her own identity. She wanted to escape, and just feel normal for once.