Wednesday, July 13, 2011

workey work work

I actually have work to do at work now.. what is this?! Haha. I used to be able to take an hour or so out of my day to read, blog, email, etc. And now I actually have a lot of work to do- running after people (usually via email or phone), helping create/update documents and all the other random tasks I've always had to do. I don't even take an hour to just browse the internet at work anymore!!

And bluesfest is at night and HARRY POTTER IS TOMORROW!! I've been working on my costume.. I'll share it with you soon. It's awesome, get excited!

I am so busy! No time to blog! Seriously, I'll post soon though. I have lots of things to share about course selection and academics and whatnot.

Til then, ta-ta! Going home, and then seeing Metric tonight. It's going to be awesome, let's see what Emily Haines wears (or doesn't wear) tonight!