Simply Steph Ko blogs.

She also creates greeting cards that feature calligraphy, joy, and colour to help you share love and encouragement.

I used to blog over here before I switched to simplystephko.com to support my new small business. In order to build Simply Steph Ko, I blog only about calligraphy and card-making over there. I'm building my niche and really targeting my content.

But there are other thoughts in my brain, so I have decided to revive this blog, where I will post about things unrelated to calligraphy and card-making. This blog will be a lot more unstructured than the blog over at Simply Steph Ko, in that I can't tell you how regularly I will post, nor what I will post about. But I am interested in thinking about health, culture, Christianity, and creativity, so it is likely that my posts will touch those topics.