Friday, October 23, 2015

Make New Blogs, But Keep The Old

One is silver, and the other's gold. I'll let you decide which is which.

My new small business, Simply Steph Ko, lives over at I create greeting cards that feature calligraphy, joy, and colour as a way to share love and encouragement.

Since starting that blog, I realized that I needed to niche down. I had to choose a focus, and post about, talk about, write about that and that only. So I write about creativity and Christianity, specifically how it emerges in my creative process through the words that I write, and in the attitude I take in approaching creative work.

Pursuing Secondary Passions

I love it. I love writing about the intersection of creativity and Christianity. I never know how passionate I really was until I began. I love creating cards, I love discovering the power of words and seeing people react to them. But I feel like I've lost my platform to explore and share my other interests. I love writing, and I love sharing. That is probably why I love blogging. But I think about a lot more than only creativity and Christianity.

My secondary passions include: health, culture, food, and my city. I am passionate about the intersection of these areas, too. I am interested in thinking about, and reasoning out issues, or sharing successes. But I don't love food enough to become a food blogger. Instead, this blog will be my "everything" blog. I will share all the things that I am passionate about, other than creativity and Christianity. Here, I am not concerned about building an audience, or writing about anything in particular.

Unstructured and Unplanned Blogging

Don't follow me if you're looking for something predictable. If you want predictable, go read my blog at Simply Steph Ko. There, I will consistently talk about creativity and Christianity, and I post every Monday.

Here, no such structure will exist. Maybe I will post every day for a week, and then I won't post again for a month, or five months. I can give you no guarantees, except that I want to keep this old blog alive.

If you're still following me from back when I used to write more regularly (kind of), then hello! I'm glad you've stuck around! It's nice to see you again! Why don't you leave me a comment so I know that you're still here :)

If you just stumbled upon this blog, then welcome! I'm glad you're here. I'm always happy to have you join in on my adventure through life. Feel free to leave a comment and introduce yourself. I'd love to know more about you and if you enjoy reading my random ramblings.

I look forward to more posts about nothing in particular, but about life in general.

Talk soon!

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