Monday, October 29, 2012

the best elevator pitch.

“The best elevator pitch doesn’t pitch your project. It pitches the meeting about your project. The best elevator pitch is true, stunning, brief and it leaves the listener eager (no, desperate) to hear the rest of it. It’s not a practiced, polished turd of prose that pleases everyone on the board and your marketing team, it’s a little fractal of the entire story, something real.” -Seth Godin (via swissmiss)
Something I am working on is being able to present the gospel with clarity and interest without compromising on any points. While this quote does not deal with sharing your faith directly, I thought it was an interesting view on what might be more useful.. sparking interest. I hope to inspire more questions, and curiosity than to throw too much information at anyone.

I will continue to work on my elevator pitch, and to be armed with God's truth and power.