Tuesday, July 03, 2012

canada day weekend, part 1.

Oh the excitement, oh the spirit, oh the fun.. Oh Canada!

This past weekend was so so so much fun! Angie, Claire, Daniel, Galvin and Tim all came to Ottawa from Toronto and Kingston to visit for Canada Day and the rest of the long weekend. Being the great Ottawa hostesses we are, Jocelyn, Jessica, Neva and I had many great Ottawan activities planned for them (including visiting the largest IKEA in Canada, of course!)

I'm going to split this weekend into 3 posts, starting with part 1 today!

On Friday, when I went to pick up Angie, Claire and Daniel from Bayshore, Claire told us that she didn't have a red shirt for Canada Day.. scandal!! So we shopped around until she found a suitable top. Gotta have the right attire for Canada Day in Ottawa!

After picking up Jocelyn and meeting up with Jessica, we all went out for dinner at Pho Thu Do in Chinatown. It is well known for its pho and spring rolls, and is hands down the best pho place I have ever been to. I bring people here all the time, and have been doing so for the past 5 years (and will always continue to!).

We had a pretty chill evening, just biking around Jocelyn's neighbourhood, going to the park and playing board games.

On Saturday, we had quite the adventure and went to IKEA for lunch! I hadn't been yet since it opened, so it was quite the treat for all of us! Of course, most of us got the swedish meatballs combo for lunch (classic IKEA food!) and you cannot visit IKEA without perusing the showrooms..! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures on this part of the trip.. is that even allowed? Is that weird? I've always wondered. The most interesting thing we noticed was the microwaves that open like traditional ovens.. is this a new trend?

Then we all went to Coyote Rock Gym for a good afternoon of rock climbing. I don't think I have ever been there on a summer day.. it was very HOT! We all did about 2 or 3 climbs, and a bit of bouldering and were sweating buckets.. so exhausted! Except for Jocelyn who kept on going with all the energy in the world. I think it's because she just got back from Bolivia and can really take the heat. That must be it!

Afterwards we headed to the RCMP Stables for the last night of the Sunset Ceremony Musical Ride show, where the RCMP show off their horses and their tricks and choreography. I had never been before, and did not realize how popular it was! There was a huge crowd out, and I can see how it would make for an excellent family outing. We brought along a picnic that we had prepared earlier in the day to eat while we watched the show.

We also decided it would be a little weird to decorate and eat our cake at the show, so we brought it back to my place and celebrated Canada's birthday with a patriotic red velvet Canada Day cake!

All in all, a great day.

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