Thursday, April 12, 2012

my childhood summed up in one dish.

I have lots of favourites from home, but if you had to ask me what my absolute favourite, and most memorable dish from my childhood.. it would have to be this. I don't actually know what to call it in English though. Minced beef on rice, I guess.

At home, I call it meen tze nguw fan (免治牛飯?). My chinese is so great that I had to google that and I still don't even know what that means! Haha. The last two words are beef and rice, so I'm hoping the first two words mean minced or something along those lines.

Anyway, it's the simplest dish ever, and I can't believe I didn't make it all year, until just recently!

DIRECTIONS: Fry ground beef. Add soy sauce and salt to taste. Serve on steamed rice.
And there you have it! Easy peasy, right? You can also add in whatever vegetables you want. Usually I have peas and mushrooms but I didn't have either in my fridge on that particular day, so it is looking rather plain.

This is also the only dish where I add a LOT of salt, because I am used to eating it that way. I try to avoid adding too much salt to anything, if I can. But this dish is meant to be salty! Don't hold back! And don't eat often.. Watch yo sodium levels, kids! Haha..

Anyway, I don't know how adventurous you are, but for me, this dish is not complete without a raw egg mixed in. This is absolutely essential, and is what defines this dish for me.

Mix it all up, and voilà! Ready to eat.