Friday, December 09, 2011

17 days until christmas!

(..and 18 days until christmas! Sorry I totally missed a day!)

I'm so sorry!! I missed a day, and I almost even missed two in a row!

I did situps to an entire length of a Christmas song. Ouff, 4:04 is a long time! I like exercising to music, and because of dance, I'm so used to doing things in beats of 8.

Here's the song I chose, Neon Trees' Wish List:

Again, from dance, the cycle of ab strengthening workouts I did was:
1. Legs down, straight
2. Knees up, bent knees, feet down (normal sit-up position)
3. Legs up off ground, bent knees
4. Legs up, straight legs
5. Knees bent, on the ground, off to a side
6. Other side
7. Butterfly (knees bent and apart on the ground, feet together)
8. Repeat until the song ends!

These are quick little workout bursts, which are pretty helpful because I am not getting any exercise whatsoever during this exam period. I've been up to my ears in notes and studying.

I just finished my accounting assignment with my groupmates, with just a little editing left for tomorrow. It'll feel sooo good to submit that project! And I have an economics exam on Saturday that I'm only mildly prepared for. This week has been mega stressful with 2 assignments and 2 exams, but once I get to Saturday at noon, I will be so much more relieved as I only have 2 exams next week.

Almost there!