Friday, August 12, 2011


Welcome to my new location for my blog! It's actually an old location, technically. I created this blog in 2009, and posted on it in a very irregular fashion. I also never told anyone about my blog, so it remained completely unknown with no reading audience whatsoever. But let's just say it's a new location.

I decided to move away from "that ottawa girl" because I rarely talk about the city of Ottawa, and I won't always be in Ottawa. So it just seems awfully silly to have a blog called that. However, my name will stay with me forever, so it's a pretty timeless blog location. I have also figured that if I keep my URL as a generic title, I can change the name of my blog by changing the banner if I so fancy. I also use stephkoanie as my alias on most places on the internet. You can find me on twitter, pinterest, flickr, tons of other random sites that I don't actually use but have accounts on..

I also made a lovely new banner for this blog "simply steph". It's suuper simple, but I like it that way. Simple. That does it. It's really not the greatest, I can see that, and it has its obvious flaws (or it does to me), but I'm going to stick with it until I am creative enough/have enough time to do more fiddling.

Sorry to my loyal readers (all 6 or so of you!!) for making you have to update your bookmarks/rss reader feeds etc. I hate it when other people move, but I guess I'm a little hypocritical. Here I am, at a new location. I like it better though.

And that's that! Welcome, or welcome back to my new/old home.