Tuesday, August 09, 2011


This past weekend I went camping with a few friends at Lac Phillipe in the Gatineaus. It ended up being really nice there, I didn't really know what to expect. If you haven't ever been to the parks in Gatineau/Quebec, they are really worth visiting sometime. I used to cross country ski around here too, it's beautiful in all seasons!

The first night when we got to the campsite, as we were huddled around the fire, with our food maybe 3 metres behind us in a box, some raccoons stole our brownies!! Grr. I got over it in like two seconds, we had packed soo much other food anyway. Here's a look at the car on the way to the campsite.. I had no space for my feet!

We went to the high ropes course at Camp Fortune: the Aerial Experience. It was soo fun. I am somewhat afraid of heights, I am afraid of jumping from high places, but we were harnessed and not actually jumping from high places, so I only got mildly freaked out at times. I had to talk myself into jumping for each zipline, but the actual ziplining part was was sooo much fun. I would do it all again, just to zipline. This is definitely an experience I would recommend. It isn't a super tough course, but there are points that I felt extremely physically exhausted, and had to take a break partway through some obstacles. But you can pretty much go at your own rate (if you anticipate being slow, go at the end of your group!!). I had lots of fun. I came out laughing (also cause Rose landed on her bum after the last zipline), sweating and feeling really silly. Good times all around. But if you do go, I recommend not wearing sunglasses. My sunglasses fell a few times, and you really don't need them. The trees cover whatever sun there is that day (we went on a pretty sunny day too).

The only other notable thing we did was make eggs in bags for breakfast. It is as weird as it sounds.. Apparently Rose made them at camp when she was younger. It was worth trying, I guess! They tasted like normal eggs, but were a little more effort than they were worth, in my opinion.

Basically you stick all the omelette ingredients into a ziploc bag, and you put that in a pot to boil until it is cooked. Rose said we had to use freezer bags so that the bags wouldn't melt in the boiling water. But the bags will melt on the hot metal of the pot, so watch out (if you ever decide to try this craziness). They are very hot and awkward to open though, and I kind of got egg juice all over the place. Tasted like egg though, yum!