Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

This weekend has been a lot more fun than I had first anticipated. I originally didn't have much planned for myself to do, but in the end nothing much was a good idea.

I went to the hockey game and sold 50/50 tickets, and I actually sold out and helped my friends sell out too. It was very exciting! I used to think 50/50 wasn't really that exciting, but in fact, it's a lot of fun! If our school does 50/50 again next year, I will have to make sure I sign up for more games. They are really a lot of fun.

I saw 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', or I think it's called that anyway. The one with Jim Carrey, I actually liked him in a serious role. I don't usually like him, but I think the movie was really interesting. It's about a couple that gets their minds erased of their relationship, but they meet again. So the whole movie digs through their memories. I really like stories that include going through memories. Something about memories makes me really happy.

I went biking around a bit. The weather gave me a natural high, I was so incredibly happy, it was wonderful. Fresh air is good every so often after being stuck inside for way too long!

I played badminton and went out for sushi with friends. Lots of laughs later, here I am.

All in all, I think this weekend was really wonderful. A good balance of friends, family and myself time.


PS. I can't believe I got blogger. I have a blog.