Thursday, April 02, 2015

apple pie cookies, aka mini apple pies!

I love food. And I love baked goods even more. And on top of that, I love miniature things! Pi day (March 14, aka 3.14) came and went, and pies were everywhere! And so, I have been craving pie like craazy lately. Naturally, I decided I should make these apple pie cookies from Smitten Kitchen.

I have made them before, about three years ago with one of my housemates, but this time I put a little bit more apple in, and did most of the work myself. J did help, he peeled the apples and helped construct some of them. So I guess I just made the crust on my own. That in itself I would say is quite the feat. Crust requires great patience. And it's worth it. Be patient. Chill the dough.

These mini apple pies have a higher crust to apple ratio than usual apple pie, so if you are like me and love crust, these are for you! They are also super transportable, and you don't feel as guilty eating a "whole" pie by yourself :)

Not to mention, there's still a bunch in my freezer for another day...

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