Saturday, April 04, 2015

Baptism Sunday!

Baptism Sunday isn't a real Sunday, haha. It's not like Palm Sunday, or Easter Sunday or some other set date that everybody celebrates together. It just happened to be that last Sunday, my church had its baptismal service, and 4 people got baptized!

Baptism Cards

I love baptisms, because I love hearing about how God worked in other people's lives! Baptism is an opportunity for a believer to publicly proclaim the belief in God, and declare that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Saviour. Then, our pastor dunks them in the water tank, and their immersion represents Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. The act of baptism gives a person no extra grace, or anything. But is a representation of what has happened in their spiritual life.

I always have such a good time at baptismal services. It's so fun seeing those who are about to get baptized, and how giddy and nervous they are. And it's always such a blessing to hear them share their stories, and share the gospel with everybody. This year, everyone was so different! One young girl, two university students, and one adult. They all had different back stories, and different experiences, but ultimately have Christ in common.

Praise God! And if you've never seen a baptism before, I highly encourage you to ask a friend and see if you can tag along. It's very surreal, and such an amazing visual depiction of Christian salvation.

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